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Dreams Can Soar CD

Dreams Can Soar CD

Sheila Ann Smith's much anticipated debut release "Dreams Can Soar" features music styles from soft pop and easy listening to blues and jazz-infused tracks. With songs nominated for two Covenant Awards, the album reveals a rich tapestry which draws upon Sheila's life story for inspiration. The ballad "How Can I Say Thank You" was written for her bone marrow donor and is a reflection of the beautiful gift of life and each precious day we are given. From the energetic and bod statements in "Ain't No Doubt" and "Ready" to the intimate hope of the latin-infused jazz track "Heal My Soul" to the soaring melodies of "never Alone" this album will take the listener on an inspiring journey of life and love.

1. Ain't No Doubt
2. Singin' Again
3. There is a Time
4. Callin' Jesus
5. Come (Psalm 100)
6. You Are
7. Never Alone
8. Heal My Soul
9. How Can I Say Thank You
11.Heal Our Land (Canada)
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